Thursday, 4 September 2014

Words Of Life Is Beautiful

If forced to lose, then so be respectable losers rather than lose before fighting. When in fact, the friend has the right to become the winner of the honor.

Do not underestimate the small chance that appear before us. Remember, it is often a small chance is the beginning of a great success.

The more we waste time to feel envy on talent and the success of others, then the harder it anyway we are progressing. Remove the negative attitude that is!

Be as you want, because you have only one life and a chance to do the things you want to want.

We are born with two ears on the right and on the left, so that we can listen to everything from the two sides. To attempt to garner praise and criticism and choose which one is right and which is wrong.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Words Of Wisdom World Figures About Life

The hope is the pillar supporting the world. (Pliny the Elder)

If people continuing to become old, he generally appropriate something wrong against the changes, especially changes in the direction of improvement. (John Steinbeck)

My life is already 87 this year, I have witnessed a spate of technological revolution. But none of them that did not require a good character or ability to think. (Bernard M.Baruch)

Education has a bitter root but sweet fruit. (Aristotle)

Education develops the ability, but not create it. (Voltaire)

A good education does not warrant the establishment of a good character.(Fontenelle)

After the meal, education is the primary needs of the people. (Danton)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fishermen Are Satisfied

A rich businessman from the city of surprise encounter on the beach fisherman was lying beside his boat idled, while sucking on a cigarette.

' Why do you not go fishing? ' asked the businessman.

' Because the fish I catch has generated enough money to eat today, ' said the fisherman.

' Why don't you catch a lot more than you need? ' asked the businessman.

' What for? ' asked his fishermen.

' You can collect more money, ' he replied. ' With that money you can buy an outboard motor that you can sail farther and catch more fish. Then you have enough money to buy a trawler nylon. It will produce more fish, so also the money even more. Well, as soon as your money is enough to buy two ships ... even perhaps a number of ships. Then you will be rich like me. '

Next I have to do what? ' asked the fisherman.

Next you can relax and enjoy life, '' said the businessman.

' According to This now, do you think I'm doing what? ' said the fisherman is satisfied.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Winner Of The Life

One day, two companions approached a stall to buy books and magazines. The seller turned out to be poorly served. His face was pouting. The first is clearly annoyed to receive such services. Surprisingly, people are both still enjoy, even being polite to the salesperson. Then the first man asked his friend, "Hey. Why would you be polite to the salesperson who sucks it? "

His friend replied, "why, why do I have to allow him to determine the way the Act? It is the determinant of our life, not someone else. "

"But he is serving us with crappy," refute the first person. He still feels irritated.

"Yes, that's a problem he would like to bad mood, not polite, serve with the bad, and the other, anyway that baseball has to do with us. If we were to be affected, means we let him set up and affect our lives. But we are responsible for ourselves. "

Friend, our actions are often influenced by the actions of others to us. If they did a bad thing, we will reward with the things even worse. If they're disrespectful, we will be more disrespectful again. If other people stingy towards us, we initially quixotic suddenly so in such a cheapskate when having to deal with that person.

Try to meditate. Why we should be influenced by the actions of others? Why to do just fine, we have to wait to be treated well by someone else first? Keep the mood. Don't let other people's bad attitude to us to determine how we act! Select to keep doing well, though they are accepting things that are not good.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Study Of Pigeons

The Dove is the bird that has never been bifurcated heart. Try to pay attention to, is there a dove who likes to pair? The answer is "no"! His partner just 1 all his life.

The Dove is a bird who knows where he has to go home. No matter how much flying pigeons, she never lost to return home. There are pigeons have come home to another? The answer is "no"!

The Dove is the bird that romantic. Try to note when the males give praise, while the female was embarrassed. Have we noticed they were chided? The answer is, "no"!

Dove knows how the importance of working together. Try to note when they work together to make a nest. The males and females each successive take twigs for nests of their children. When the female incubating, the males stand guard outside the enclosure. And when the female exhaustion, the alternating males incubating. Have we noticed they were throwing his job? The answer is, "no"!

The Dove is a bird that does not have bile, he didn't keep the "bitterness" so as not to hold grudges.

The Road Is Not Gone

Two roads diverged in the Dim forest life
And unfortunately I could not travel both
And as adventurous, I stand long
And looked down one as far as the way I can
Where his beautiful leads behind the Bush

Then I looked at the other, as good,
And perhaps even nicer,
Because of the way it was fresh and inviting
Although the site has been through it
Also been subjecting the grass,

And both that morning equally stretched
Under the expanse of foliage loss that has not been disturbed
Oh, I save the way first for next time!
Despite knowing all the way to
I doubt it will ever come back

I will expose while sighing
Sometime in the coming centuries
Two roads diverged in the Woods, and I ...
I travel the road less traveled
And it changed everything.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

If Only

If you're able to enforce the head, when those who are in forfeit everything and blame each other.

If you're able to trust yourself when all men doubt you. But you're still able to understand their doubts.

If you can wait and not get tired of waiting. Or lied to, but do not lie. Hated, but not hate.

But all of that is still not very good, or not so wise.

If you can dream and there is nothing forcing you to dream.

If you can think of and there is nothing forcing you to think.

If you can accept the victory and disaster and received both the same way.

Or watch everything we build, was destroyed. But picking it up and rebuild it with tools obsolete.

If you can foster a victory and continue to soar.

And lose, and start everything from the beginning and never talk defeat.

If we can strengthen the heart, nerves, and muscle meat to make you survive the defeat.

And stay afloat, even if you have no one else except the will which says ' hang in! '

If you can speak in front of a crowd and still maintain dignity. Or walk with Kings without forgetting as ordinary people.

If no one's enemies and friends can hurt you;

If all the people get, but not too much.

If you could fill out a painful moment with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Yours is the Earth and all who are contained therein

And, more than that, you're right to be a man, my son!